ABOUT - The 20s Club is a experiential social club for adventure seekers ages 20-29. I founded The Club as a new New Yorker, challenged by the difficulty of meeting new people in the "real world" and eager to explore the city with new friends. Join the exploration, taste some amazing foods, step out of your comfort zone and meet inspiring new people. 

MY ROLE - Shortly after moving to New York, I founded The 20s Club in December 2012 as a way to meet new people and explore the city. Events range from off-broadway shows, brunch, drink-n-draw and a group trip to The Jazz Age Lawn Party. In addition to organizing each event I maintain a Facebook page, online marketing and an email list, with over 150 emails. The 20s Club has had 15 events and counting. The 20s Club also includes a blog with relevant information for 20-something in New York. One of the articles was featured on The Huffington Post. I am always looking for new ways to expand and grow The 20s Club and local businesses to partner with and host events with. 

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