ABOUT - Northside is a discovery festival founded by Northside Media Group, taking place in North Brooklyn. Programming is broken into three major components over the course of a week: Music, Innovation and Film. Northside 2015 was the seventh year of the festival. 

MY ROLE - As the Sponsorship Fulfillment Manager I oversaw all sponsor activations from signed contracts to day of event. I hired and managed a team of four Sponsorship Fulfillment Producers and assigned a total of 40 sponsors amongst the five of us. I created a workflow process between Producers, Northside's sales team and clients using Basecamp. In addition to managing the four Producers, I oversaw ten of my own Sponsor accounts including two Platinum sponsors, Jameson and Pepsi. Each sponsor had unique activations such as live events, product placement across events, coordinating delivery of items for gift bags, blog posts and more. For Pepsi's activation we branded one of the main stages, integrated products across all outdoor venues, created a custom Wifi network in the innovation venues, and engaged across four Pepsi brands including Mountain Dew, Lipton, Kaleb's Cola and Pepsi. Additional sponsors I worked directly with included MailChimp, Kite and the European Consulates. My contract with Northside lasted four months to create systems, hire, execute and put together recap reports for all the sponsors.