Kiva NYC & Oakland

We designed and produced the NY and Oakland launches of international nonprofit Kiva, inviting 750-1000 guests to a marketplace with 30 of Kiva’s local partners. We featured regional music and catering — including fried chicken and waffles in Oakland and hors d’oeuvres tied to tree branches and balloons in New York — and the East Coast program included a speech by President Bill Clinton.

In Oakland we wanted to bring the vibe of Oakland to life so we had a DJ, live mural graffiti artists and a menu of local food vendors like fried chicken & waffles and grilled cheese. The Mayor of Oakland kicked off the night and we had 30 local businesses showcase their products. We had live lending stations for attendees to make Kiva loans on the spot. Over 1000 guests came to The Oakland Museum for an amazing night. 

Photos by Brandon Smith.

Miraya BerkeComment