Five Tips for Your Super Bowl Funday Activities

Memories of Super Bowl parties past tend tend to be a blur of guacamole and other assorted dips. Thankfully, we've rounded up five ways to help step up your party on game day. Read on!  

Photo via  Thoughtfully Simple . 

Photo via Thoughtfully Simple

1. Instagram worthy jars via Thoughtfully Simple. This super quick DIY might not even require a trip to the store. Use white tape (cut in different widths) on mason jars, fill with dark liquid (think a stout beer or soda) and voila! 

Image via  Crumb Blog . 

Image via Crumb Blog

2. Forget readymade dips. Cans of pre-made nacho cheese are full of preservatives and other icky things we don't really like to think about. Enter this recipe for homemade bacon-jalapeno cheese dip, which takes a total of 25 minutes to make! Read all the details on Crumb Blog.  

Image via  bon appetit . 

Image via bon appetit

3. Choose craft beer. We're fans of so many small brews, particularly El Sully, a Mexican style-lager that taste like a Corona upgrade, and Vermont-brewed Heady Topper. Whether you're throwing the party or going to someone else's, people will appreciate you putting some thought into the brew selection.  

Image via  Fettle Vegan . 

Image via Fettle Vegan

4. Give classic dishes a healthy spin. Super bowl snack fare tends to be rich. No matter how much you may love pigs in a blanket, no one feels great the day after eating them. Try for something healthier - and more inclusive of vegetarian/vegan food restrictions - with these delicious vegan nachos. We suggest this recipe from Fettle Vegan. 

Image via  Food & Wine . 

Image via Food & Wine

5. Prep ahead of time. Hosting on game day likely means you've got errands galore: pick up ice, grab beer, head back to the store because you forgot lime, etc. (for tips on making day of event errands easy with apps, see our post.) It helps to prep as much as you can ahead of time. We love these recipes from Food & Wine for casseroles you can prep ahead of time and easily reheat on game day. Bonus tips if you make the CHICKEN RAMEN casserole...