Valentine's, Galentine's and Everything In Between


Feeling confused thanks to a deluge of Valentine's Day options? We get it, the internet can be very overwhelming sometimes. After sifting through endless event invites, pitches and everything in between, we've rounded up the five best ways to celebrate the day. Whether you're cozying up with a special partner or trying to show yourself some extra love, below are our picks.

Image via Time Out New York. 

Image via Time Out New York. 

1. Go overboard on chocolate
Healthy reminder: someone need not buy you chocolate to warrant you enjoying it on this day. We love Time Out New York's roundup of the best chocolate shops in NYC - and are especially partial to Fine & Raw in Bushwick. 

Image via  Hot Guys Reading Books . 

2. Get nerdy with it.
As events people, we love holidays. Perhaps you're put off by the consumerism that accompanies the day. In light of that, we often forget why we're celebrating in the first place. One great way to celebrate is to read up on why Valentine's Day exists in the first place.

To start, we love this piece on The Pagan Origin's of Valentine's Day at McSweeneys.

Or, perhaps, you didn't know the holiday has a bit of a bloody past... 

Image via our own Crafternoon from 2015!

Image via our own Crafternoon from 2015!

3. Host a crafternoon
Anything polar vortex associated makes us want to cozy up inside and craft. Wintry weather coinciding with the holiday is the perfect excuse to stay in! Invite friends over for a small bash. Make your own flowers or DIY cards to send friends and loved ones. 

4. Indulge in aphrodisiacs.
We love working with The Alchemist's Kitchen and have been posting up there all month for their Month of Love Events. Bring a partner, a friend or just yourself to one of their alternative events, meant to ignite your senses.  

5. Check out a reading. 
We're lucky to call Brooklyn home, a borough filled with book lovers. There are so many readings happening this weekend. Check out this Galentine's themed one hosted by Word Bookstore.

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