Celebrate (or howl at) January's Wolf Moon in NYC

Image via Pinterest.

Image via Pinterest.

Have you ever celebrated the full moon? Native Americans gave distinctive names to the moon, and this month's references the wolf packs that used to howl outside villages  on wintry nights. We're huge fans of most reasons to gather for celebration, especially those of the lunar variety. 

Full moons represent the culmination and completion of a chapter, and many consider them ideal times for letting go. Whether you're cosmically inclined or just want to get a bit more in tune with nature, below are four NYC-based options happening throughout the weekend



Take a walk on the mystical side with The Babe Collective's full moon party + goddess Circle at New Love City in Greenpoint.  The description promises potential howling (appropriate given the whole wolf moon thing). Having attended their events before I can vouch for The Babes’ attention to detail in curating cosmic events.

Friday, January 22 @ 7:30 PM. Purchase tickets and read more here.


The Alchemist Kitchen, a newly opened space in the heart of Manhattan's Lower East Side, hosts its first ever full moon party this Saturday. Hosted by Rachelle Robinett of ErthlyDlights/RX and Evolver's Alchemist's Kitchen, this is your chance to be an early part of something special. Guests are welcome to bring an item or offering for group. A central table will collect cards, notes or nothing (no pressure!) that can be exchanged and taken home as tokens of the evening. As if you needed further convincing, there will also be state-changing (non-alcoholic!) elixirs to try. 

PS, this event is FREE!

Saturday, January 23 @ 7 PM. Sign up and read more here.  

Image via Medicine Space Facebook.

Image via Medicine Space Facebook.

Medicine Space's monthly circle promises "meditation, ritual, dance, and song." For those located in Manhattan, this is your go to. Bring a journal to write your lessons and manifestations!

Saturday, January 23 @ 6 PM. Purchase tickets and read more here. 


Maha Rose hosts their full moon circle this Sunday. There will be a fire ritual for "gratitude and release," a tea ritual for "gratitude and intention," and a whole lot of love.  If you've never checked out Maha Rose you're in for a treat, the space is a dream brimming with holistic, happy vibes.

Sunday, January 24 @ 4 PM. Sign up here