2016 Review

And that's a wrap, to 2016! This year really flew by! The end of the year is a good time to take a moment of review what happened before diving into planning mode for 2017. 

I traveled a lot, both for work and for fun, producing events in NY, LA, Oakland, SF, Chicago and London. I worked with clients from last year, like The ShopUp, CMX, Airbnb and Taste Talks, but in greater capacities. I made new friendships and partnerships with unique businesses like Amaze Bowls, Pipcorn, Baba Cool & Wowfulls. I continued working with old friends and got to watch as their companies continue to flourish like the marvelous Haiku Guys & Gals, Mischievous Goddess, Mighty Oak and Eventurously

Food has always been a passion of mine and this year I got to combine my loves of food and events to create incredible experiences at Dessert Goals and Taste Talks Food & Drink Awards - taste testing as a task in preparation for an event in pretty awesome. 

Pop Curated, the Pop Productions bi-weekly event newsletter started in July 2015 and I have sent out 26 editions. Since October it's been on pause during my busy event months and then some time off for travel. I'm planning to bring Pop Curated back in 2017 and continue sharing my event research of unique gatherings. Sign up here!

This year I've been living a bi-coastal life with events in California and New York. Come spring 2017, I'll be moving to Los Angeles for a new chapter of life and Pop Productions. I'll be growing The ShopUp and Dessert Goals in Los Angeles while continuing the take on clients in both cities, and beyond. 

But first, here are some of the highlights of 2016 with pretty pictures and vendor shoutouts!

The ShopUp LA & New York: Alongside the Babyccino team, I launched The ShopUp in Los Angeles at the stunning Lombardi House and hosted the second in New York at 501 Union and fourth in London. 

Vendors: Lombardi House, Amaze Bowls

Photos: Nicki Sebastian

Camptons: With friends, I helped produce Camptons, an adult summer camp in upstate New York complete with a pool of inflatables, a canoe full of booze, and an all white dinner party set in the middle of a field.

Photos: Kait Ebinger


Airbnb Host Day New York & Chicago: A year after working with the Airbnb community team on the New York Marathon, they brought me on board to organize their host days in New York and Chicago. Each was a day long conference with talks, workshops, and meals featuring host-owned businesses. I brought in a lot of crafty touches on this one!

Vendors: Civic Hall, Van Leeuwen, Baba Cool

Photos: Bekka Palmer and Kait Ebinger

Taste Talks Food & Drink Awards: After working with Northside Media Group on Northside Festival in 2015, they hired me in January to develop the first Taste Talks Food & Drink Awards. We determined the award categories, built an academy to vote, hand painted the golden skillet awards, programmed a 90 minute award show at the epic BAM Opera House and food-filled after party.

Vendors: Black Tap, Sigmund's Pretzels, Tacombi, Nom Wah Tea Parlor, Handsom Dan's, Michelle Bablo, Party Up Productions, BAM Opera House, Roulette Theater

Photos: Mackenzie Anne Smith

TasteTalks.After Party-18.jpg

Dessert Goals: My friend Liang became my business partner as we, for fun, decided to throw a dessert festival in 3 months, which wildly exceeded our expectations. Our 1000 tickets sold out within minutes, press and social media was incredible and we had interested sponsors. Now we’re turning Dessert Goals into a LLC and planning to expand to more festivals in New York as well as Los Angeles. 

Vendors: Dobbin St, Sharingbox, Bow & Drape, Wowfulls, Dobbin Street Vintage Co-Op, BodumIntelligentsia

Photos: Bekka Palmer

Have a sweet & colorful New Year!


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