Delightful Details To Add To Your Thanksgiving Feast

Thanksgiving is a time of thanks, fall colors and pumpkin pie. Whether you’re hosting a Thanksgiving feast with family at your home, attending a friendsgiving or casually dining - here are a few little details to wow your guests and make an extraordinary Thanksgiving.


1. Create a custom place setting with each guest’s name at their seat. This is a lovely way to make your dinner guests feel important right when they take their seat. Some ideas:

  • A fall foliage leaf with each name written in metallic gold sharpie
  • A single flower or stem of rosemary adhered to a paper name card with ribbon
  • A keepsake like a small jar of honey with the names written on the lids
  • Something fresh and colorful like an apple, mini pumpkin or lemon with the name written on the item or on paper and tied
  • If you have a kid or young niece of nephew, this is a great task to delegate and have them help write each name

2. Ask your guests in advance if they have any special requests. If someone is vegan or gluten free, it is best to make sure you have enough food for them. If someone is dreaming of a specific pie flavor, say lemon meringue, you’ll make their day if your dessert fixings go beyond pumpkin to incorporate personal favorites of guests. Touch base with each guest a few days before the big feast to get a sense if there’s anything you can do above and beyond to show your gratitude and create a memorable dinner.

3. Since Thanksgiving is a day of giving thanks, incorporate an activity into your dinner to share thanks. Each family and group of friends have different traditions and regardless of yours, it makes for a special Thanksgiving to go beyond stuffing your faces with delicious food and to discuss what you’re thankful for. This could be as simple as going around the table giving each dinner guest the spotlight for a few moments to share their thanks or as elaborate as notecards and pens at each setting for diners to write their thoughts. Regardless of how your dinner party decides to share, it makes for a heart-warming experience to appreciate each others company.