Hosting a Halloween Party

Halloween is just around the corner and to no surprise you’re still on the hunt for something fun to do. We’re here to help you create your game plan and host your very own Halloween Party. Looking for an event to attend instead of hosting your own? Pop Curated’s weekly event guide lists some Halloween festivities you can join. If you’re ready to unleash the party planner in you - read on.

Step One: Find The Venue

The first step to any successful party is the venue. Location must be accessible to your guests. Size should be appropriate for the amount attending. When selecting the venue it’s important to consider what the venue has in-house and what needs to be rented or purchased, such as sound, lighting and furniture. If you’re planning to throw the fete at your own apartment, that’s great. Otherwise ask friends about using theirs, rent out a local bar, or check out Splacer listings for a unique setting. Here are a few Splacer goodies to whet your appetite.

Photo Credit:    Splacer

Photo Credit: Splacer

Step Two: Invite Your Friends

Once you have the venue locked down, next is putting together the guest list and inviting your friends. It’s a competitive evening with many other event options, so be sure to distinguish what makes your party special in the invite. Include a teaser of what’s to come or a GIF to grab attention. There are many great invitation tools that are completely free to send out personalized invites such as Paperless PostSplashthatEventbrite and Facebook.

Step Three: Plan The Food & Drink

It’s Halloween, so candy is a must. Stock up at your local Duane Reade on a range of sweets and chocolates. Brew a batch of boozy punch. Carve out a pumpkin, put a glass bowl inside, then pour that boozy punch in so guests scoop out cups of punch from a pumpkin. Easy and fun snacks, which can all be purchased with zero prep, is to create an orange themed spread of snacks - carrots, cheese puffs, Goldfish, cheddar cheese, tangerines and more. A quick search on Pinterest will provide never ending inspiration of Halloween themed food and drink. Start with the Pop Productions Pinterest board for initial ideas. And don’t put the burden on yourself to feed everyone, ask your guests to BYOB their own favorite beverages.

Step Four: Decorate & Entertain

Delight your friends with Halloween themed decorations and entertainment. Search Spotify for a spooky music playlist. Plan a costume contest and select a prize for the winner. Purchase a range of pumpkins for guests to draw on or carve. Pinterest and blogs like Oh Happy Day have great decor ideas, like this cute ghost on a stick.

Photo Credit:    Oh Happy Day

Photo Credit: Oh Happy Day

Step Five: Select Your Costume

The venue is set, friends are invited, food, drink, decorations and entertainment are in place. Just one more things to remember - what are you doing to wear? You have two options - the store bought route or DIY. If store bought, take a trip to your local Halloween shop and grab the costume that pops out at you first. If you take on the challenge of DIY, think about movies, news, brands and other hot topics that may provide inspiration. If you’re dressing as a couple or group, brainstorm costumes that can be worn with others.

Now grab your spooky punch and have a Happy Halloween!