Craft Corner Checklist

Everyone deserves a craft corner, whether it's a small box or a fully stocked bookshelf. Having these items on hand can result in a day of DIY festivities or the simple house fixes. These are some crafting necessities to get you started.

Pop Productions Craft Corner Checklist

Starting a craft box can lead to design and styling inspiration beyond your wildest dreams! Match a hot pink sharpie with some duct tape and kraft paper and who knows what you'll create. You may even want to create decorations and host your own dinner party

1. Colored Masking Tape // Paper Presentation

2. Yarn // Michaels

3. Krylon Chalkboard Paint // Michaels

4. Postal Wrapping Paper // Target

5. Duck Tape // Target

6. Sharpie Permanent Markers // Target

7. Favor Paper Bags // Amazon

8. Hot Glue Gun // Target

9. Detail Scissors // Paper Source

10. Baker's Twine // Paper Source